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Slimband Cost And Comparisons

How much does Slimband cost and are there any other products or supplements that will work as well without having surgery? According to Slimband they have a very high success rate for people who have had the surgery and were able to keep the weight off permanently. The cost of surgery is pretty expensive so making sure this weight loss surgery is for you should be the first step.

Cost Of Slimband Surgery

If you read the fine print on the website you will see the cost is $16,000.00. This is a very large amount but at the same time if it helps you lose a lot of weight and is beneficial for you health wise then it may be a good investment.

The typical plan requires a credit check where you will have to qualify for financing unless you already have funds through another source or have enough money to pay cash.

You can start the process with zero down and get financing at 15.75% apr. This will require weekly payments of $89.00 or $356.00 per month. With the added finance charges and interest you can expect to pay a total of $23,140.00 for your surgery and weight loss program.

On a positive note if you live outside of Ontario Canada, Slimband will pay for your airline flight to Toronto and one nights hotel stay.

Comparisons Of Weight Loss Surgery

Gastric bypass surgery:

The average cost of gastric bypass surgery can run anywhere from $18,000.00 to $35,000.00 depending on patient needs according to the doctor.

Gastric sleeve:

This has been reported to cost close to $10,000.00 on average.

As you can see the prices for these weight loss treatments and surgery vary quite a bit but one thing they all have in common is they are very expensive. If you truly are considering having weight loss surgery then it may be a good idea to read the consumer guide to bariatric surgery first.

Thank you for taking the time to read more about the cost of Slimband and what some of the comparable surgeries cost for weight loss.

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