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Lap Band | Lap Band Surgery Cost And Risks

Interested in lap band surgery but are not sure where to start? A weight loss band is the way to go for some people but lap band surgery comes with a cost and the risks need to be weighed also before making a final decision. This guide from Slimband Information can assist you with an unbiased review of lap band surgery and also help you determine if this weight loss procedure is for you.

What Is A Weight Loss Band?

A banding system which is adjustable and set within the body during a surgery with low risk of complications and a short period of recovery. This is an adjustable silicone band that creates a sort of food pouch at the top of the stomache while leaving the lower half empty. This can be opened more or closed more to increase the size of the pouch. The lap band is considered a permanent solution for serious weight loss and weight control. It can be removed though for medical reasons.

Does Gastric Banding Work?

From all reports , it sounds like it really does for many people. A small food pouch will limit the amount a person can eat before feeling full. The lap band will cut down on hunger sensations and with eating less comes weight loss. The band can also easily be adjusted for a custom fit for each persons body and weight loss needs.

Is A Lap Band Safe For Losing Weight?

The lap band surgery is a very safe procedure as surgery goes. It is important to note that people in poor health and non adults will not likely be acceptible candidates. At the same time poor health (heart related problems) and such are relative to each patient. Also addictions including alcohol and narcotics can cause adverse affects and should be explained truthfully to your doctor. Also pregnancy or one who may get pregnant can have other negative results so make sure to have a long hard consultation first.

What Does A Lap Band Surgery Cost?

This is not a cheap weight loss surgery so be prepared to pay. Also if this is for you, cost is only relative to how important your health and self confidence is for you. What risks are you willing to take physically and financially to get healthy and lose weight?

According to the "consumer guide for bariactric surgery",  the average cost runs between  $17,000 and $30,000 depending on where you live. It is also important to understand what comes with that cost. In most situations, anesthesia, facility fees,  surgeon fees,  xray's and follow up examinations can be included.

Read here for more information on lap band surgery and the costs associated with it.

Results From Lap Band Weight Loss Surgery

The results from lap band surgery seem to be a mixed bag of good and bad depending on how one looks at the statistics. A article printed on March 21st 2011 from the ABC news network explained that in their study of 151 patients using a lap band to lose weight,  78 people voiced a positive opinion on the success from the band. Another 60% said they were either pleased or very pleased. The study also showed that patients had lost 43% of their excess body weight by the most recent follow up's.

Other results from lap band surgery to consider. During the ABC study, they found at one institution that nearly half of all laparoscopic gastric banding patients needed to eventually have the devices removed due to complications. Out of 82 patients followed over 12 years, 49 had atleast one re-operatin for device failure or erosion and malfunctions.

Lap Band Information

Use this short guide and the useful links to investigate more into whether lap band surgery (gastric banding) is going to be right for you. Read our other helpful guides and select from the trusted diet supplement providers to help you meet your weight loss goals.

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